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Money on a Mission: Charities and Responsible Investment


We’re owned by and dedicated to supporting social purpose organisations. Invest with us and you will be supporting charities and social enterprises.


Responsible Investment is an important and growing area of focus for many charities and social enterprises. It’s about investing in ways that compliment rather than conflict with your values, aims and purpose.

Charity Bank offers straightforward savings options for organisations and people looking to make sure that their money is aligned with their mission and values.

We are also keen to speak with trusts, foundations, charities and other social purpose organisations interested in becoming a shareholder in Charity Bank.


Ethical Savings Accounts

With Charity Bank, your savings, reserves or surplus funds can earn interest and be used to create far reaching social impact.

All savings accounts can be applied for online, and eligible deposits are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

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Investing in Charity Bank

Investment capital is vital to our mission. It underpins our lending activity and enables us to leverage our savers’ money.

For every £1m of capital, we can make up to £8m of loans to the charities and social enterprises that are tackling some of the most challenging issues facing UK society today.

If you are interested in investing in Charity Bank and directly supporting the social sector, please contact Mark Howland:

Money on a mission

At Charity Bank responsible investment is about much more than ‘ethical’ labels and negative screening. With Charity Bank you can earn interest and your money is used to support organisations committed to improving the world around them.

By channelling money into charities, social enterprises and social businesses, your money is used as a powerful force for good. It empowers these organisations to grow, innovate and build on the services and support they provide to the people they work hard to support.

Support for Charity Bank and responsible investment

The Finance Innovation Lab logo Anna Laycock, Executive Director, the Finance Innovation Lab, said: “We need to transform the way we see money: as Charity Bank and their customers demonstrate, our savings and investments are a powerful tool for social change. If you’re a charity or business that isn’t yet banking ethically, now is the time to explore how it could benefit your organisation as well as society.”
CAN logo

Andrew Croft, Chief Executive, CAN, said: "It is possible to have a positive impact on society whilst also being business-minded. Charity Bank was instrumental in CAN's purchase of our first CAN Mezzanine building with a loan. This has prevented hundreds of social sector workers from being gentrified out of core London markets as commercial prices have rocketed.”

The Barrow Cadbury Trust logo

Erica Cadbury, Chair of Barrow Cadbury Trust, said: “At the Barrow Cadbury Trust we aim to use all of our assets in a responsible way and aligned with our mission. That’s why we invest capital in, and deposit some of our cash with, Charity Bank. We know that this recycles the money for a wide range of useful social purposes and hence touches the lives of thousands of people. The more charities which choose to do the same, the more good work can be supported.”

Social Enterprise UK logo

Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive, Social Enterprise UK, said: “Through channelling their savings to a social bank, social enterprises can effectively double their impact - using their reserves to further grow and support the social enterprise movement.”

Locality logo

Tony Armstrong, Chief Executive, Locality, said: “Everyone can help unlock the power of community by moving their savings to an ethical bank.”

Power to Change logo

Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive at Power to Change said: “Power to Change exists to create better places through community business and we know that by saving with Charity Bank, our cash is being used as a powerful tool for social change.

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